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The Ghetto
"An early morning walk through the Ghetto brings the smell of everything from fresh baked breads, and the wet smell of newly caught hauls of fish, to the sulfuric black smoke and clanging rings of the blacksmith's forge. When there is no Market Day in the city, Chaumburgh's residents conduct nearly all of their activities in the Ghetto."

Alas, our city is fine, but not idyllic. Further from the center of town, as one walks further from the fine oak and stone home of the worthy towards the city walls, are the slums of the Ghetto, where the meanest of folk live. Here the winding streets are often little more than unpaved footpaths, and the open gutters over-flow with weeks' worth of muck and refuse. Tucked between the city wall and Low Street, which marks the slum's boundaries, is a bewildering maze of ramshackle hovels and formerly proud, decaying homes. All manner of beggar and villain live in the ghetto many of whom can be found around the outhouse, where all kinds of graffetto, both political and philosophical, can be read.

If you are lucky, you may even come across Culwyn, a previous Seneschal of Vanished Wood. Culwyn was promoted to the position of "Outhouse Technician" by Arwyn, the current Seneschal, after his, in her words, "Valiant and self endangering response to protect our fair shire during the day of the Howl" Arwyn is referring to the day when the spirit of the forgotten Viking raider, Sirus Niccosson, who in the form of a Mastiff like creature, led a movement to make Vanished Wood a barony during the first week of April, A.S. XXXI. Culwyn's noble efforts to stop this insurrection lead Arwyn to offer him the only position, the good folk of the Shire of Vanished Wood felt would truely complement his skills.

Fortunately, the prosperity of the shire makes this slum smaller than is to be found in many cities of comparable size; but it exists nonetheless, no matter how the wealthy and proud try to forget.

But enough talk of the sad and downtrodden! All is a part of the All Mighty's plan, and there are many fine, worthy gentles to meet. Now, did I tell you about the smells of fresh-baked bread and tarts that fills the air every morning......

Welcome to the Vanished Wood Ghetto! From here you may journey to the homes (websites) of other members as well as friends of the shire.

Shire Member's Sites:
Talbot MacTaggart's Fine Accessories
Seamus ua Murchada
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