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Canton of Vanished Wood Officers

Below are the esteemed individuals who are our contacts for the Canton of Vanished Wood. Please feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns.
Mistress Acelina of Dereleiseneschal { at }
The seneschal serves as the primary administrator and legal contact of a group. This office exists at the local, regional, kingdom, and Society levels.
Knight Marshal 
Sir Guerric der Wilde Fuchsknights.marshal { at }
A marshal is a warranted officer of the marshallate for the Midrealm. The marshallate is headed by the Kingdom Earl Marshal. It is divided into armored combat, archery/thrown weapons, equestrian, fencing, scouting, siege weapons and youth combat activities. Each activity has its own set of rules, marshals roster and separate training processes for new marshals.
Karl Sturmerpursuivant { at }
In general parlance, any heraldic officer. Technically, a herald is a senior heraldic officer with a title, appointed by Dragon Herald. A herald is a heraldic officer attached to a territorial branch or otherwise a member of the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds. Heralds are responsible for conducting court, for helping to register names, arms and badges, and assisting with questions of protocol. A junior herald is known as a Pursuivant. Individuals who cry announcements at events are also frequently referred to as heralds or specifically Field Heralds. In the Middle Kingdom it is traditional to start announcements with a cry of Oyez! to get the attention of the populace.
Chancellor of the Exchequer 
Lady Aline of Bamboroughexchequer { at }
The exchequer is the financial officer of a group. Duties include but are not limited to: managing the assets which have been entrusted to your keeping; informing the Corporation of the status of the Society's money through standard reports; informing the populace of the status of their money at meetings and via local newsletters; reimbursing approved valid receipts; protecting the tax-exempt status; keeping accurate records of all financial transactions .
Cezara cel Asmanarechatelain { at }
The Chatelain(e), also known as the Hospitaller, is responsible for the encouragement and empowerment of newcomers in the group. This involves both actively chatting to interested people at demos and other public events, and fielding inquiries about the group. The Chatelain is also responsible for the housing of the Shire Garb.
Minister of Arts and Sciences 
Office Vacant 
An officer responsible for the administration and encouragement of the various arts and crafts known as arts and sciences. The office was two seperate positions until the 1990s when it was merged into one so a local group would have a minister of arts and a minister of sciences.
THL Ercc Glaisonwebminister { at }
The webminister is an officer who controls the content of a group's website.
Office Vacant 
The chronicler is the officer in charge of creating, editing, printing, and distributing a group's newsletter, Chips. The newsletter exists to serve the needs of a local group, to inform and educate that group of people about the SCA community in which they live, and to further the educational purposes of the SCA. It is crucial that the members of a local group communicate with one another, and a newsletter is an excellent method of communicating with the populace. The Chronicler is sometimes the officer in charge of taking minutes at meetings, and may delegate responsibilities to a deputies such as the Historian (in charge of recording/updating a particular groups history) or Web Minister.
Minister of Youth 
Office Vacant 
The Minster of Youth is an officer responsible for encouraging the education of the young about the SCA and Medieval and Renaissance history. They also establish methods through which the young can be more fully involved in SCA activities appropriate to their age and ability.
Office Vacant 
An officer of a group in charge of recording and reporting when first-aid has been administered at an official function of that group. An individual with first-aid training who is available and warranted to render assistance as needed at events, practices, meetings or other SCA functions.
Office Vacant 
A deputy of the Chronicler and responsible for the accumulation and compilation of records of all historical affairs
Archery Marshal 
Office Vacant 
A deputy of the Marshal and responsible for promoting the safe and orderly conduct of archery within the group.
Marshal of Fence 
Office Vacant 
A deputy of the Marshal and responsible for coordinating all period fencing activities within the group.
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