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So your interested in becoming a member of the SCA.  Please note that the SCA is one of the few organizations where you can participate without paying dues.  However at most events, paid members do get a discount.

Participation in the SCA is open to any person who shares the Society's interests in medieval re-creation and re-enactment. Paid Membership is a requirement for Crown Tournaments participants and for kingdom and Society officers.

Some of the benefits of being a sustaining, contributing, or patron members is receiving  their kingdom's newsletter and the Society's quarterly journal, Tournaments Illuminated. These publications provide important information about kingdom and Society-wide events, along with educational and how-to articles, as well as some material that is just for fun.

Kingdom newsletters include the names of persons to contact in each of your kingdom's groups. If your newsletter does not list the meeting dates and times nearest you, call or write the primary contact person, known as the Seneschal or the new member coordinator known as the Chatelain, for more information.

By formally joining the SCA, with your valued financial support, you are counted in the growing ranks of those supporting the Society's aims and ideals.

So if you're ready for the next step visit for more information on signing up.

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