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Getting Started - Your First Event or Meeting
So your interested in becoming a member of the SCA.  Please note that the SCA is one of the few organizations where you can participate without paying dues.  However at most events, paid members do get a discount.

A meeting is where the SCA members carry on the regular business of the local group. An event is a special gathering, often publicized in the kingdom's newsletter to invite people from more distant groups. People wear medieval garb at events, although some may change out of their modern clothes when they arrive. Customs vary as to whether garb is worn at local meetings. Because people often work on various skills and crafts at meetings, many will stay in modern clothing. Some wear everyday clothes to meetings and then change into period garb.

When you arrive at your first meeting or event, go up to someone and introduce yourself. Explain that you are new and ask who you can talk to about learning more about the group. Some groups have special people (known as hospitaller, castellan or chatelaine) to greet newcomers, but others do not. Approach someone who is working on a project and ask about it. Most people are glad to talk about what they are doing.

At either meetings or events, people may be so involved with what they came to do that they do not notice a new person. Some are too shy themselves to ask if you are new. Begin by observing others and start a conversation about what they are doing. If you see a skill or craft that interests you, ask who might be wiling to teach it. Listen for announcements of guild meetings where people who practice that craft gather to share information and help each other.

If members are so involved in their projects that you feel ignored or unwanted, have patience and persist in coming to meetings. Keep asking questions. Some groups provide special meetings for newcomers to help them learn what they need to know to feel a part of the group. Be sure to attend those. Volunteer to help at any events, if only in the kitchen or with clean-up. Many new friends can be made over hot dishwater!


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